Welcome to Mason's Cause

Infant loss is every parents worst nightmare. When my husband and I had to live the nightmare ourselves, I realized that things needed to change. All of the information that a grieving parent needs should be easily found in one place. But it wasn't. I realized after losing my son, that providing that information to other parents was his life purpose, and now it is mine.

Infant Loss Support: One Place. Endless Hope

One Place

Mason’s Cause is the ONE place needed when you are faced with infant loss.

Our generous collection of website, blog, and article links provides parents, friends and family with the answers they need NOW. Our "Surviving Tragedy" page provides helpful information (including a funeral planning worksheet) that families in crisis need IMMEDIATELY.

Our "Hope & Healing" section provides everyone with information to help them overcome grief with special subpages for Parents, friends, grandparents, siblings, etc.

With book recommendations and links to other healing websites, I feel confident that Mason’s Cause will provide you with whatever information you are looking for, and if we don’t have it, we WILL find it for you! That’s our promise to you