Here at Mason's Cause, we know how important it is to give your baby a beautiful service and funeral to celebrate the life they lived while mourning the life they lost. We also know how much of a financial burden it is to a family to have days (if that!) to come up with enough money to pay for a funeral for your child.

Service Fee 
Non-declinable basic services fee $1,817
Removal/transfer of remains to funeral home $250
Embalming $628
Other preparation of the body $200
Use of facilities/staff for viewing $395
Use of facilities/staff for funeral ceremony $450
Use of a hearse $275
Use of a service car/van $125
Basic memorial printed package $125
Subtotal without Casket $4,265
Metal Casket $2,295
Vault $1,195
Total Cost of a Funeral with Vault $7,720


According to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) the average funeral costs in 2009 (most recent data available) were roughly $4,200 for a funeral without a casket, $6,500 for a funeral with a casket, and $7,700 for a funeral with a casket and a vault. These costs include all basic services. (See Chart at Left; with exact information from the NFDA 2009 Data).

My husband and I chose an Eco-cremation option for our son Mason. Our funeral for Mason included a 4 hour visitation with a full service following. We purchased a decorative urn in addition to the basic option the funeral home provided us with to use for placing his ashes in a memorial. Additionally, this included the cremation itself, and a few other small services. We paid right around $4,000 dollars, fitting almost perfectly the subtotal give by the NFDA for a funeral without a casket.

The unfortunate part of funeral planning is that, sadly, your time of misfortune falls into the hands of a profitable business- the funeral home. And every option for a funeral includes a price tag- from upgrading funeral programs to having an urn engraved. It's sad, but it is the reality- you have to pay for every service provided to you.

This is where we come in. In addition to providing grief support information and links to helpful websites, Mason's Cause provides Bereavement Grants to help take some of the weight of the financial aspect of losing your child off your shoulders.

If you are interested in applying for a Bereavement Grant from us at Mason's Cause, please send an email with your story directly to me at